Terms & Condition

Our full Legal Policy is here:

In short:

This ad system is exclusively for sellers on InspiredFun.com. If you are not a seller there, your ads will not be approved, and any deposits made will be refunded.

If by chance we decline your ads or refund you and you ARE a seller on InspiredFun, please submit a ticket to us at https://support.dimeconsultants.com so that we can approve you. (Sometimes if the info does not match, we cannot easily see that).

Ads must be placed for products within InspiredFun ONLY. You may not post ads for products that are outside of InspiredFun.

Founding Members or Members with Ad Packages:

You do NOT need to make a deposit unless you have used all of your ad credits. If you are a founding member (and your profile in our system says so), please create your account, then submit a ticket at the above Support desk to let us know to add the credits to your account.  Then you will be able to use the ads as you wish.

For all other questions, please contact our help desk.